Princess Grace

In memoriam Princess Grace

It is with great regret that the SSPSNJ is announcing the passing of Princess Grace. She came into the rescue and has made many friends. Grace has touch the hearts of everyone. She was given to us as a stray from the Cape May Animal Shelter. Someone stopped at a red light and tossed her out of the car. Her foster mom took amazing care of her and treated her as she did her own shelties. She loved being part of the family. She got to travel and do many things. Gracie's favorite things were to go for a car ride and stop at the drive thru. Her foster mom made sure that she took her often for both. Gracie also loved to go to the pet shops to get treats and to go shopping. We will miss her dearly.

gracie and friends

princess grace

UPDATE 10/9/14 Grace (Princess Grace) did well with her surgery, but two months later it appears that the mass is returning. She is walking OK, is not in any pain, and is otherwise doing well.
UPDATE 8/1/14 Princess Grace's foster mom had some concerns with a spot on PG eye. We arranged for her to go to one of the vets that we use. It turns out that she had an old scar on her eye that was fully healed. But our vet was concerned with one of the masses that she had on her leg. The mass was large in size and if it continued to grow it could cause issues with her walking or worse yet she could loose her leg. The vet recommended that we remove the mass asap. The rescue also had a senior panel done and she does have a thyroid issue which is controlled by meds. given two times a day.
princess grace

Two days later PG went into surgery and they removed the mass. Unfortunately, the mass was larger then expected and had nodules on it. While she was under we did get a dental done on her and had another small mass removed from her other leg. Due to the mass we are listed her as a forever foster. We would place her in a home if the right home comes along. Otherwise she can live the rest of her life with her foster family. If you would like to donate or sponsor her to help cover her medical cost you can do so either by pay pal on our web site or by emailing Aneita at

Princess Grace is one lucky girl! We got a phone call from the Cape May Animal Shelter asking us if we would be able to help a sr. sheltie who they had at the shelter for 7 days. They told me the story and we made sure to get her into the rescue asap. Someone stopped at a light in southern NJ, opened the car door, and tossed her out. This girl was scared and luckily she did not get hit by a car. She was then taken to the shelter and they had their vet do the works on her. She is up to date on her shots and she is heartworm negative.
princess grace

Princess Grace is about 13 years old. PG is great with people. She rides well in a car. You can tell at some point she was well taken care of. She appears to have been clipped down around December time frame. Her coat is one length and she is a sable merle. Princess Grace gets along with other dogs and is great on a leash. Someone did take the time to socialize her. She does know some basic commands and she loves to give paw. PG is house broken. One of our volunteers had taken the time to groom her before she went into her foster home. She was great in the tub and she did not mind getting her nails trimmed. This girl maybe a senior but she will make a great companion for someone!

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