Nova & Maggie Mae

Nova & Maggie Mae have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

nova and maggie mae

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Miss Maggie Mae has passed away. She had cancer of the spleen and given her age, which was guessed at about 14 or 15 years old, we decided not to operate, but to keep her as comfortable as possible and let her do/play/eat/run/whatever that she wanted. As most of you know, she came to us several years ago as a foster, with her 'friend' Bossy Nova, who passed away last summer. They are buried next to each other upstate. They both loved our 'day-trips' to the farm and wandered all over. Maggie Mae LOVED wearing scarves (especially during the Holidays), ties, her burgundy harness, and the Neiman Marcus doggie sweatshirt kept her warm and comfortable to the end. Also we had some snow a few weeks ago and that was one of her favorite foods !
We know that she is at peace.
Corine, Al and the Shelties -- Garrison, Casey and Apollo.

The owners of Nova and Maggie Mae surrendered them to the Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of NJ. They had lived together and we did not want to break them up. A wonderful foster home agreed to keep them together. They are very sweet dogs. They love to go for walks and car rides. They also like to spend time in the yard chasing the squirrels, birds, rabbits and anything that may inhabit the yard. Nova and Maggie Mae get along well with other dogs and love to be with the two other shelties that live in the house. We are not sure of the ages, but they are around 13-15 years old.


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