Bear has gone over the Rainbow Bridge to play and frolic with all who are waiting there for him.

UPDATE 4/12/14 In the park this morning Bear saw another dog and jumped to attention. His legs were strong and his back was straight. With his head up high, he was a proud boy exhibiting a good offense, barking and jumping. When the adrenaline wore off, we resume our unhurried, often assisted walk.

Bear started wearing traction socks around the house in November 2013. He was having difficulty getting around on the non-carpeted surfaces and going up stairs. In January, we added an anatomically designed harness for additional assistance. Bear and our 10 year old greyhound rescue, Isis, take Petthrive daily to support mobility and are on an Omega-3 rich diet yet he was becoming progressively less mobile.

A visit with his veternarian revealed he was losing weight but in very good health for his estimated age so we started him on Tramadol for the pain and waited for labs. “Fabulous” labs meant he could start Metacam, an expensive NSAID for pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis. Bear’s mobility has improved and he is able to get around on his own a lot more.

Since we don’t know his birthday, we celebrate “gotcha day”on November 4th. That was the day Isis met 15 year-old Bear. She was not afraid of him and told us he was bluffing so we took him home. After a month of living together in separate parts of the house, his aggression towards all other dogs remained but Isis and Bear were safely in close contact and he became a forever foster. We have been walking together for an unbelievable 3 years and look forward to many more days in the park.

Hi! My name is Bear and I'm a 15 y/o male.nd I was very well loved and taken care of. Unfortunately, My story is heartbreaking. My owners had me since I was a puppy both my mom and dad have been ill and were not able to spend time with me.

bear and friend
They felt it was in my best interest to turn me over to a shelter. The Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of NJ heard about me and sent someone to pick me up. I'm am healthy, very smart and obedient with commands.

I enjoy going for walks and I am perfectly house trained. My ideal forever home would have: a fenced in yard for me to play in; a quieter situation. I do like to chase squirrels and cats in the yard.

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