Save One Dog

Thank you for thinking about volunteering.

While many of our volunteers are foster parents, we have lots of opportunities to volunteer for those who cannot have foster pets (or for "failed fosters", those who end up adopting their foster shelties!). Fundraising, transport, home checks and event planning are all options for additional volunteer opportunities. If you have a desire to help Shelties in any capacity, we will find a spot for you!

To become an SSPSNJ Volunteer, download, FILL OUT and SAVE your completed Volunteer Information Form, then email your form to our volunteer coordinator.

wish list

Our "Wish List":

We need volunteers to help us with...

  • The SSPSNJ annual picnic
  • Games at picnic
  • Writing fundraising letters
  • Home visits
  • Transportation
  • Holiday raffle
  • Booths at events
  • Selling items on ebay
  • Assistant to help with foster homes