Surrender Process

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Shetland Sheepdog Placement Svcs of NJ understands that having to make the decision to give up your dog is very personal and often difficult. SSPSNJ has placed adoptable shelties of all ages....young and old (senior citizens) alike...even placing special needs dogs that require extra care -- but in return offer lots of love.

SSPSNJ is not a shelter, but a non-profit organization dedicated to finding loving permanant homes for shelties. If you have any questions as to whether your dog can be placed, please email us at We can discuss your dog's specific issues and help you with your decision.

Some behaviors can be modified once they are understood through some simple training techniques that you may not be aware of. We would be glad to talk with you regarding any of your issues, and perhaps help you work through some problems so that you may not have to place your dog.

  • Once the "Owner Relinquish Form" loads to your screen, move your pointer towards the bottom of the form on your screen. You should see a control panel pop up to download the form to your computer, OR "right click" on the form OR go to the "file" menu to SAVE the form to your computer, then... download controls
  • • after downloading (saving) the form to your computer, fill it out
        and save it, then email the form to us.
  • • OR after downloading (saving) the form to your computer, fill out
       the form and print it, scan it and then email it to us.
  • • OR after downloading (saving) the form to your computer, print and
       fill it out, then mail to:
    Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services NJ, 107 Broad Street, Suite 694, Hainesport, NJ 08036

Please read and complete the "Owner Reliquinish Form Application and Policy Statement".
Complete the application and attach proof of the dogs current rabies innoculation. No application will be processed without proof of rabies innoculation!

Make sure you FILL OUT and SAVE your completed Owner Relinquish form, then email or mail your form to us.

Your honesty in completing the form will help us find the right home for your dog.