Sandy passed away on 2/17/12

2/17/12 Sadly, Sandy passed away today. He touched the heart of everyone he met, and will be sorely missed. He is no longer in pain. May he rest in peace.

Sandy is the most amazing Sheltie. He is 91/2 years old and he will steal your heart away. He loves to be with people and is the easiest dog that we ever fostered. He likes to be combed and is very clean. He gets along with dogs and cats. He does have a few pounds to lose and he has a hard time going up steps. He loves to go for short walks.

Unfortunately, due to lack of medical care Sandy has several issues and his kidneys are functioning at 15 %. He is a special needs dog. He does have Addison and a thyroid issue. We have done everything including a dental and pulled 2 abscessed teeth.

* We do not permit adoptions of shelties as gifts. If you would like to give one as a gift you can contact us for advice on how to handle the situation.
Please note that we do NOT adopt to homes with children under the age of 10. Herding dogs, especially shelties, tend to chase whatever/whoever is running & they often will nip at the back of legs in their attempt to gather everyone into a neat, manageable area.
If you cannot adopt but would like to make a donation or to sponsor one of our forever fosters, seniors or special needs dogs, please email us.