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lacy beach

8/27/14 Lacy has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was well loved and cared for in her foster home with her foster family. Her remaining years were happy ones!

lacy beach

Update 3/17/14 Lacy is doing really well. She is learning to trust people again. She enjoys going for long walks and spending time playing outside. Lacy knows her verbal commands and she has started to learn some basic agility. We are still working on her barking issues, grooming fears, and riding in a car. The rescue did get her a Thunder Shirt and that has helped her when she stresses. Lacy would love to be an only dog and the center of your attention. 9/18/13 Lacy is doing really well since she had surgery. She does love to bark a lot but she really enjoys spending time with people. She loves to cuddle up on the sofa while you watch tv. Lacy does get along with male dogs and cats.

6/4/13 Lacy had surgery today. She had a mass on her right front paw that was getting larger. It was interfering with her walking and she was chewing the area when ever she got a chance. The vet was able to remove the mass. While she was under he did a dental as she had lots of tarter build up. They also ran a full panel of blood work because she has symptoms of a thyroid issue. The good news is she has gained several pounds over the past few months. Lacy is home with her foster mom and she is doing really well. Lacy's bill are adding up and if you would like to help please email Aneita.

4/27/13 Happy 11th birthday!

4/11/13 Lacy has been going to the vets for several months for weight loss and a sore on her paw that will not heal. The rescue bought her a Thundershirt and it has helped her a lot. (She panics every time we get a storm and will chew on her legs.) Her paw is finally healing. Due to severe allergies she is on a limited ingredient food. Because of the high level protein she started to have an Atkins type results-weight loss. We are giving her 6 cups a dry food a day and she is finally gaining the pounds back. Lacy enjoys going outside and playing with a couple of the male dogs. She loves sitting in the sun. We have been working on basic commands with her. One of my favorite things is when she comes over and puts her head on my lap. Once you start to pet her she does a happy dance!

10/22/12 Lacy status was changed to forever foster. You see Lacy has had a hard life. Before she came to the rescue she was in 3 homes in Delaware and in the SPCA 2 times. She kept being passed around for her barking. The home she was in before she came to us admitted that her 16 year old daughter was kicking her in the rib area for barking. She has been in the rescue for about 3 years, She has been in 2 different foster homes and has been adopted by 2 different families. Both times she was returned for barking. (her last owner had large fenced in yard and she did not have neighbors that lived close by.) She came back to the SSPSNJ and has been sent to her original foster home. She has been with them for almost two years. The rescue will never give up on her and we are working with trainers and veterinarians to try to improve her barking habits.

Hi! My name is Lacy and I'm a 10 y/o sable & white spayed female. Unfortunately my adopted family could no longer take care of me.

I'm rather shy but I am starting to get comfortable in my home. I enjoy the company of their Shelties & cats and love to curl up on the bed & sofa. I really enjoy going outside either in their fenced-in yard or for long, brisk walks. I am very vocal and like to bark a lot.

My ideal forever home would have: a fenced in yard for me to play in a quieter situation with perhaps a dog and/or cat to hang out with; and a teenager and/or adult to befriend & cuddle with at night. I need someone who will be very patient with me and is willing to work with me. Someone who has sheltie experience is required.

* We do not permit adoptions of shelties as gifts. If you would like to give one as a gift you can contact us for advice on how to handle the situation.
Please note that we do NOT adopt to homes with children under the age of 10. Herding dogs, especially shelties, tend to chase whatever/whoever is running & they often will nip at the back of legs in their attempt to gather everyone into a neat, manageable area.
If you cannot adopt but would like to make a donation or to sponsor one of our forever fosters, seniors or special needs dogs, please email us.