Freddie passed away on 1/16/13

Update for 1/4/13, Since Freddie has been doing so well, he is currently not taking the cerenia meds. He is eating a fish and potatoe diet with added supplements and he is loving the food. Thank you all for your support and prayers for our Freddie, we are hoping he will be with us for a long time.

12/13/12 UPDATE We spoke to Freddie's foster mom. They are taking it one day at a time. He had a good day yesterday and he eat all his meals. She sat with him watching TV and when she stopped petting him he would bat her, with his paw, for more attention. Due to the large, cancerous tumor pressing on his stomach he is getting anti-acid medicine everyday. He is in good spirits and enjoys going out in the yard. Freddie is not running like he use to but he is not showing any signs of being in pain. His foster family loves him very much and is making his time that he has left enjoyable. If you would like to contribute to Freddie's medical care and /or the Cerenia medicine you can either email Aneita at or you can go on the SSPSNJ home page on the left hand side click the PayPal button to make a donation to support rescue.

12/6/12 Freddie's foster mom came home from work and found he was profusely vomiting. She rushed him to the vets office and they did an x-ray which showed a large mass around the liver. The next day they did an ultra sound. Their fears were confirmed - he had a large mass which they believe is cancerous. It is pushing on other organs. The mass can not be removed. They told his foster mom to take him home and make him comfortable. They could not give us a time frame for how much time he has left on earth. His stomach did settle and he is able to keep food and water down. His foster mom and dad are keeping him comfortable and will take care of him until he passes over to Rainbow Bridge.

10/1/12 Freddie went to the rescue picnic and he had a wonderful time. He walked really well on a leash and enjoyed his time with us. He walked in the parade of rescues and enjoyed being showed off. He loved being with people and cuddled up with me (I am the adoption coordinator for the rescue and this is the first time he met me). Freddie is very unusual. He has a blue eye. Some people say he is a tri color but he is actually a Cryptic Blue: A crytic blue merle is one who at first glance appears to be a tricolor or bi-color black. Close inspection reveals a small amount of merling somewhere on the body and in his case the mark is under his eye.

Freddie is 7 years old, about 50 pounds [a bigger sheltie]. Although he looks like a tricolor, he has one blue eye ~ so his lineage includes sable merle or blue merle . He is very sweet and knows the commands sit and paw.

We've been told that Freddie loves to play, does the typical sheltie barking when someone comes/goes from the house. Freddie is great with his pal, Jake ... but has issues with other dogs (he shows "leash aggression" when out on walks ~ this is often frustration at not being able to run right up to the other dog & check him out). Appropriate training will help with this behavior. We won't know more until Freddie is in foster care.

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