Daisy passed away on 11/25/13

11/25/13 Sadly, Daisy's foster mom just told us that Daisy has passed over to Rainbow Bridge. Her foster mom was by her side when she succumbed to bladder cancer. Daisy had an amazing foster mom who took all 3 of the dogs that were surrendered to the rescue into her home. She was with her friends till the end.

Daisy is one of the three dogs were owned by an older women who loved them very much. She took amazing care of them. She had owned them since they were puppies and they did everything together. When Hurricane Sandy hit the home that they grew up in was destroyed. The owner was able to keep the family together and they all moved into her daughters home. A couple of months ago the owner suddenly passed away. The daughter has been taking care of them but the home she leases does not permit pets. The landlord told her they must get rid of them. This has been really hard on the family. If possible we would like to keep the two others together.

Daisy is 11 years old. She is a sweet pea. Daisy is on the small side and loves to be the center of attention . Unfortunately she has advanced bladder cancer. She is listed as a forever foster, because of her health issue. Her foster home is taking amazing care of her. She has had to ultrasound and many test run. She does take medicine to help slow the spread of the cancer.

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