Boots went on ahead on November 5th 2018 age 16years 5 months 11 days.

I acquired Boots at 8 weeks old, he was going to be sent to a retail store in Pennsylvania (I’m in N.J.) and I had just stopped in to inquire about pricing. I wasn’t ready to get one yet, just thinking about it since my cousin years ago had a tricolor Sheltie and I really liked the breed.

They said they had one sable and I could see him if I wished. First 8 minutes he had his head buried between my arm and shoulder, then lifted his head , looked at me, and licked my chin staring up at me even when the lady stood next to me. That did it… I said I’ll take him then had to run to pet store and pick up all the necessary supplies and drop them off at the house before coming back to get him and break the news to my Mom that we were getting a dog 23 years after the last one passed and she said no more dogs, it hurts too much (when they go).

My cousin said later that Boots added 5 years to her life due to her loving the dog so much. He did not have a name yet when he came home, my other cousin’s daughter was there and said that (due to the 4 white feet) it looked like he was wearing boots. Since I tend to wear cowboy hats, I thought it fit and took the suggestion. Ironically about three weeks later I heard Garth Brooks on the radio singing Friends in Low Places which has the first line “Blame it on my roots, I showed up with boots”, I said to my Mom, that’s a sign, it’s the right name.

Best regards
Frank Wharton.

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