Smiles is now a forever foster.

Smiles came into the rescue from a puppy mill over 6 years ago and on the tall side. She has come a long way since then. Smiles is a special case. She is about 10 years old and is still learning things everyday.

She is a flight risk. She is not a dog that you would take out for walks or car rides. She did pull out of a harness when she first came into the rescue and was on the run for 6 months. She is very fast and hard to catch. Smiles is a very sweet girl who loves belly rubs or being dried with a cloth after being out in the rain. She also likes to be on your bed taking a nap. She gets along with other dogs.

UPDATE 8/3/14 Smiles was one of the Lancaster 11 puppy mill shelties that had come into the rescue over 6 years ago. She was placed into a foster home and had escaped from her harness. Smiles was missing for about 6 months. The rescue had hired pet detective and they had spent many hours trying to catch her. One day she went into a women's yard and the women was able to shut the gate before Smiles could run. We had went right away and she has been back in the rescue ever since.

If you would like to donate funds to help Smiles or one of our other forever fosters, you can donate via paypal on our donation page.

* We do not permit adoptions of shelties as gifts. If you would like to give one as a gift you can contact us for advice on how to handle the situation.
Please note that we do NOT adopt to homes with children under the age of 10. Herding dogs, especially shelties, tend to chase whatever/whoever is running & they often will nip at the back of legs in their attempt to gather everyone into a neat, manageable area.
If you cannot adopt but would like to make a donation or to sponsor one of our forever fosters, seniors or special needs dogs, please email Aneita.