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Shiloh (Cosmo) has found his forever home. He's been adopted.

Shiloh is a sweet, very playful and smart sheltie. He is 2+ years old but is still puppy-like and very affectionate. He is oversize for a sheltie but will cuddle with you on your lap if you let him.


Shiloh needs someone who can spend the time focusing on his training to learn basic commands and house manners but is very food responsive and quick to pick up on what's asked of him. He is partially house-trained and is crate trained. He loves to go into his crate for dinner time and sleep. He has a lot of energy that needs to be directed into purposeful activities. He doesn't mind being handled for grooming etc. and he loves to play with other dogs. He needs guidance and direction for his energy and smarts and will move along quickly with right person/family to care for him.

SSPSNJ will not place him with cats and he is compatible with non-aggressive dogs. He walks well on a leash but will need a fenced-in yard, no exceptions! Shiloh will be OK with older kids.