Serena was adopted on 1/10/11

Let me introduce myself. My name is Serena and I am the cutest 10 pound little Sheltie you will ever have the pleasure of meeting! My foster mom keeps telling me when she writes my bio for the website (what the heck is a website?), she is going to say, "Meet Serena!" The best way to describe her is "if it's OK with you, it's OK with her!" So, I'm guessing that means I'm a good girl. The things I like include dogs no matter how big or small, cats, kids, car rides, and, last but not least, I LOVE to be held and carried around! If you want me to lay next to you on the couch or the bed, I will not move for hours. If you say my name quickly three times, my tail will wag like crazy and I will dance in place for you! My foster mom says you don't even know I'm here because I hardly bark at all and that I am a complete pleasure. The one small problem that I have, but that will be easily solved if you help me, is that I was never taught to walk on a leash. So I am trying my absolute hardest to learn. So due to this, I do need the safety of a fenced yard; plus, I do like to run fast around the yard!

I was recently spayed. I'm up to date on my vaccinations, am heartworm negative, and am microchipped so I am all ready for my new home!