Lancaster 11

lancaster 11 rescue

NJ Sheltie Rescue Annual Picnic, September 28, 2008 .... One year almost to the day since their rescue from the puppy mill !!!

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The "Lancaster 11", rescued September 2007

Our first experience with a large group of shelties directly from a puppy mill breeder in Lancaster, Pennsylvania ~ known as the "Lancaster 11". Their journey began in September, thanks to the hard work and coordinated efforts of Laura Flynn, Camille of Rawhide Rescue, Aneita Frey [our President/Founder] and Diane O'Donnell of Long Hill Kennels ~ then off to their foster homes.

For more information on the "Lancaster 11" go to There you can check out Angel (Pearlie), Cinnamon, Clancy, Gabe, Glory B, Lady, Lexie, Robin, Sadie, Smiles and Willow, the "Lancaster 11".

lancaster 11

* We do not permit adoptions of shelties as gifts. If you would like to give one as a gift you can contact us for advice on how to handle the situation.
Please note that we do NOT adopt to homes with children under the age of 10. Herding dogs, especially shelties, tend to chase whatever/whoever is running & they often will nip at the back of legs in their attempt to gather everyone into a neat, manageable area.
If you cannot adopt but would like to make a donation or to sponsor one of our forever fosters, seniors or special needs dogs, please email Aneita.