Joey (Sherlock)

joey 2014

Joey (Sherlock) was adopted in 2010.

UPDATE 4/2/14 It was 4 years...and one more pic...I ♡♥♡ him so much!!!

6/5/13 Sherlock is doing really well in his home. He is a very happy boy and loves his new brother.

10/15/2011 Sherlock on an trip with his family.


Joey is a beautiful 10 month old tri-color sheltie who would love to have a job. He is incredibly sweet, with lots of puppy energy and willing to work very hard for treats. He loves to play with other dogs but due to his energy level, the bigger his playmate the better. He currently plays with a German shepherd and loves it. He would make a great performance dog in agility, Frisbee, flyball, herding or any other dog sport.