Honey Bear

honey bear

Honey Bear was adopted on 10/27/10

Honey Bear's family also adopted Buddy.

Pupdate September 20, 2010

Honey Bear is in need of a foster home but would really like to find her forever home. Relinquished from a puppy mill this little girl is shy, but is slowly coming out of her shell.

She enjoys playing in the yard with other shelties and is learning to chase balls. Honey learns a lot by watching the other dogs, so a home with where she could have a dog friend would be ideal. Honey just prefers her future companion be her size and mellow enough not to get upset with her when she is stressed by new things. Honey is a happy girl who loves to run and would make an excellent agility dog for someone with patience as she learns about life outside a puppy mill.

honey bear and buddy
August 2010: NJ Sheltie Rescue has just received the last 3 from the puppy mill that our Lancaster 11 + 2 came from. We now have all 16 - thank you Laura for getting these precious babies to us !!!
We've named this cutie "Honey Bear" [was Summer]. As best as we can determine, she is between the ages of 3 and 5.

She's just had medical evaluation/care & altering, and has just been placed in foster care [new pictures are pending]. She is not housebroken or leash trained - that will come with time & patience. She is used to being in a crate, and from what we've heard, is keeping her crate clean.... the first step in housebreaking.