9/2/13 Cooper has found his forever home

He found his way into the rescue several years ago. He came with 2 other dogs and all of them were severely neglected. His foster home has taken wonderful care of him. He goes to the vets regularly and always has food. water and treats. They announced today that they can not see Cooper in another home. They would love to adopt him. Congratulations Cooper!

UPDATE 11/18/12 Cooper is an older dog, with all the challenges of aging; his hearing is not the best, so be careful not to startle him when he is sleeping. I also believe his eyesight is not perfect. He has mild athritis in his hind quarters so he needs to move around, although he is not a fan of a leash walk. A home with a fenced back yard would be best for him. His trachea is damaged from being chained in a yard most of his life (so I have been told). For this reason, he needs to walked with a harness and I do not put a regular collar on him. Cooper has only 2 teeth; a very small one in the front and his exquisite "snaggle tooth". He can be very protective, so I am grateful he doesn't have a full set of teeth. He will bark when people come into the house so I put him behind a gate until everyone is inside and finished greeting; He is a herding dog, so he will try to pull you in the house if you stand in the doorway:) However, once he knows you, he is loving, playful and devoted. He gets along well with dogs, cats and from what I have seen, children. I have two other dogs and 2 cats so he is used to sharing his space and his master.


What I love most about Cooper is his resilience. Despite the very hard life he had, he has allowed himself to trust me. Over the months, he has "come out of his shell" of fear and mistrust. He is overjoyed to see me when I come home, and will still want to "play rough" with me. If I can get a video of this, I will send it along with the pictures as it is truly a sight to see. My son has said Cooper has "humane eyes" and I have to say, there is something very special about him, that defies words. I truly love this dog and if he is meant to live out his years with me that is just fine. But if there is a family willing to give him the love and comfort he deserves, I would happily help with his transition.

Hi my name is Cooper.

I came from a terrible situation with fellow dogs that required us to be rescued by the Edison NJ SPCA. Despite all I went through, I have kept a happy attitude and I’m very friendly, gentle and sweet. I am eager to please and listen well. My foster mom has already taught me to sit and stay, as I learn very quickly. I think I would make a very good companion; all I want is just someone to love me! Because of my prior bad experience I have lost a good deal of my teeth, but this has not stopped me from eating any kind of soft food or kibble, and I do enjoy eating!

I am 11+ yrs old, about 38 lbs. I walk great on a leash and get along well with other dogs. I’m very easy to take care of, all I require is a loving home. I would probably be happier in a quiet home, as I am very gentle and quiet myself. My foster mom hasn’t even heard me bark yet! Oh and did I mention, I’m very easy to take care of!