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What Is Sheltie Rescue?

We are organized to help find homes for shelties in need of new homes. Our dogs come to us from shelters, owner turn-ins, or strays. The reasons people give for giving up their dogs are endless. Two of the most common include family health issues (i.e., allergy to dogs) and the family relocating and they can't take the dog, and of course there are some that no longer want a dog. We are often asked to help find loving homes for dogs whose master has died.
Often these dogs do not know the love and attention of a good family. When they are given the affection that they have longed for, they are forever grateful.
All dogs are taken to a veterinarian for a check up, brought up to date on all shots, heartworm checked, and spayed or neutered (if needed).
We evaluate them to make sure that we place them in their forever home. Home checks are used as an aid in ensuring that we are placing the right rescue in the right home.
We hope that you will consider adopting one of our shelties. If you have any questions, please feel free to either call or email any questions you may have.

The Need For Rescue....


Unfortunately, the need for purebred rescues is not a local issue, but is felt throughout the United States, infact the world. Shelters do the best they can, but the volume of dogs needing homes is very great. Breeders, and breed-specific clubs have recognized that through their help, and knowledge of the breed, (its temperament, personalities, its uniqueness) they can help find the right homes for many of these dogs.
SSPSNJ was organized for this reason. As our logo states " Rescue Shelties need Guardian Angels", we hope that we can help fill that need.

Puppy Coleman

Types Of Shelties We Get....

Shelties, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, with different personalities and needs. But underneath all this, they are shelties... looking for the right homes.
It is true that they come with some baggage...but don't we all? Old dogs can learn new tricks. The dogs we get cover all age groups --- young adults through senior citizens..... Occasionally we get older puppies, but in general, puppies are rare.